Edge Business Advisors provides a full range of crisis management, debt advisory, business recovery and restructuring services, in addition to acting in formal insolvency or pre-insolvency procedures. These include business plans, independent business reviews, reorganisation plans, composition plans, financing and re-financing advice, and business turnarounds working alongside management. Where necessary, upon the request of the debt or the creditors, we undertake formal insolvency appointments to ensure maximum asset recovery.
Our top priority is rescue of companies either in full or their profitable activities. When consulted early, we have the maximum opportunity to save a business in financial distress or crisis and protect the assets of lenders, trade creditors and equity providers. Formal insolvency proceedings are usually a last resort, but are sometimes necessary to protect the debtor companies and their creditors.
We serve primarily entrepreneurial and middle-market companies in difficulty or in crisis, as well as their capital providers and other stakeholders. We are proactive in our approach and tenacious in pursuing our goals agreed with clients.
Our team is formed of financial advisors, licensed insolvency practitioners, lawyers, liquidators and business valuators, having significant expertise in the business restructuring and management consulting fields and valuable knowledge to our client’s needs. We have specialists who have regularly acted on all types of insolvency or restructuring cases, including refinancing engagements, judicial administrations, solvent and insolvent liquidations.


EDGE offers its clients the skills, professionalism and enthusiasm of a young and dynamic team. It also brings together a valuable professional experience and a good understanding of the market and the financial mechanisms specific to a well-organized business.


Performance means competitiveness, services at the highest standards with a real impact on your business. EDGE addresses the needs of its customers promptly and efficiently, in a personalized manner.


The EDGE team brings together a high level of expertise, flexibility and the capacity to react promptly to market changes. We pay increased attention to transparency, professional, ethical and legal standards.

Trust and Partnership

We attach great importance to the relationships that we build with our customers and collaborators. We strive to fully understand the characteristics of each business, in order to propose solutions compatible with your values and goals